Letter From the President, May 30 2018

Letter From the President, May 30 2018

Hello Friends,

It has been a while since I spoke to you last. Making Disciples Boys Mentoring Program has grown to nine mentees.  We believe that mentoring is vital to the development of our young boys.

Making Disciples will host its Second Back to School Event on August 11, 2018. Our goal is to provide new books, backpacks, and school supplies to 300 children.* The books are the key to this event, because reading is the essential tool that children need in order to succeed. What a great time this will be for the children, parents, mentors and mentees.


To attend with your child(ren) please email us with your information:

Parent/Guardian Name

Phone number

Child name, age, grade

There will be two Events that day

Please choose a time

Event 1:  11am to 2pm        

Event 2:  3pm to 5:30pm

Note: All children must be registered by an Adult



The Event Info:

Saturday August 11, 2018

The Event will be held at Oakwood Park in Matteson, Illinois.

207th & School Street (adjacent to Matteson Public Library)


*Back to school items are based on donations and will be distributed while supplies last.


Eric Bassette


Letter From the President Jan 10, 2018

Letter From the President, Jan 10 2018

Dear Friends,

I am happy to tell you the good news: Making Disciples, a Not for Profit Boys Mentoring Program with 501(c)(3) status, is now mentoring. The boys are referred to as mentees. The mentors and mentees are enjoying getting to know each other. Making Disciples is looking forward to seeing the mentees mature and excel under the guidance of their parents and mentors.

Although we are a boys mentoring program, this summer we wanted to do something for boys and girls. On August 12, 2017, Making Disciples sponsored its first annual Back to School Event. Our goal was to provide school supplies, backpacks, and new books for 100 children. Reading was the key to our event, because reading is the essential tool that children need in order to succeed. Do you remember reading your favorite story as a child? Do you remember how it felt to hold the book and to know it belonged to you? Well this summer some of these children got a chance to experience this for the first time. It was great to see so many happy little faces.

Making Disciples has set its sights on helping young children achieve their goals in life. We truly believe that Keeping a child’s dream Alive is the key to helping them become successful. All children dream when they are little. They dream of being astronauts, musicians, firemen, artists, athletes, doctors, and engineers. Small children dream of being like their fathers, uncles, mothers, aunts, and mentors. So the idea is to move them into their field of dreams before the dream begins to fade.

To achieve this we need dads, uncles, mothers, aunts, and mentors to spend time with a young child; listening to them when they have something to say, and talking to them when they need guidance. This is vital to a young child’s developmental process. Spending time to throw the football with him, throw the baseball with him, or taking her shopping, or helping him/her with their homework, gives the child a sense of identity.

Making Disciples Back To School Event was a success; we were able to give 80 plus children new books, backpacks and school supplies. I would like to thank all of the volunteers and donors that made this possible for us to help so many children.

Our children are our most precious responsibilities, let us give them our very best—our time.


Eric Bassette, President